Marketing Strategy

Barcoded has access via it’s partnership with Rapid Media and Informatic Communication Investment Pty Ltd to the exclusive Origami Logic platform which allows for real time marketing strategy measurement and insights to dynamically alter strategy based on what is producing results for the brands that we manage.

Most businesses understand their product very well. In competitive times however, the challenge is to market your unique qualities in a way that educates, outshines the competition and drives sales.  Barcoded helps identify the following areas for future marketing opportunities:

  • How well are your current marketing activities working?
  • What are competitors in your industry doing well?
  • What are customer expectations in your industry?
  • What gaps can be exploited in the marketing approach?
  • What opportunities for growth can be found?

As well as being able to provide and drive the use of the Origami Logic Platform barcoded has access to the largest proprietary research in Australia as well as analysis of publicly available customer and consumer data. Barcoded can also industry benchmark your marketing performance.