Marketing Facilitation

Do you have a strong understanding of your marketing strengths? How consumers and customers perceive you? Can your entire business clearly say what the Marketing Plan is for each of your brands?  If not, Barcoded can help bring your marketing plan to life.

In today’s connected world, marketing success requires the whole business. Cost pressures means your marketing must work harder with less.  Clarity and consistency are more important than ever.  The Marketing Plan is vital to help the entire business communicate with a clear voice.  It becomes the story which unites a company’s efforts to increase sales growth and uses as many stakeholders as possible to do it.

Barcoded believes that marketing goes beyond simple branding to a whole business approach.  Through the interviewing, understanding, researching and compiling your history and your current environment, we can set the scene for future success. Barcoded will work with you to develop an integrated marketing plan for each of your brands that understands the past and is ready for the future.